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GYNO-1 Commercial Contractors

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QUOTE Information
In today's market, it is essential to provide the lowest quote possible in "WINNING" bids.  If you intend on providing a quote with GYNO-1 Commercial Contractors, please provide your lowest quote to achieve the winning bid.

Please direct ALL questions in writing via:
Email:  OR  Fax:  407-895-9295

Quotes / Proposals are accepted by:
FAX - 407-895-9295 OR
(no need to mail)



1)  If you are bidding on MORE than one Division, please provide a bid on each Division.  NO grouping of Bids or Divisions.
2)  List items/materials you are providing.
3)  Show line item for TAXes.
4)  Explain your Scope of Work in detail.
5)  Fax or e-mail your proposal/quotes.
By doing the above, our chances increase on being awarded a project.
                                                                                                                                Thank you.

Plans are available at:
MacGregor Smith Printing
1500 South Division Ave
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone:  407-423-5944
All Prints Ordered at Sub-Contractors Expense
Contact Information:
GYNO-1, Inc.
a/k/a GYNO-1 Commercial Contractors
1517 South Crystal Lake Drive
Orlando, FL  32806
Office:  407-895-5333
Fax:  407-895-9295

Nick Sandroni, President
Patti Sloat, Office Manager