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GYNO-1 Commercial Contractors

Div. 16: Electrical
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16010 Basic Electrical Requirements

16030 Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and Cables

16060 Grounding & Bonding for Electrical System

16073 Hangers & Supports for Electrical System

16075 Identification for Electrical Systems

16100 Common Work Results for Electrical

16130 Raceways & Boxes for Electrical Systems

16140 Wiring Devices

16145 Lighting Control Devices

16289 Transient-Voltage Suppression for Low-Voltage Electrical Power Circuits

16410 Enclosed Switches and Circuit Breakers

16442 Panelboards

16491 Fuses

16511 Interior Lighting

16670 Lighting Protection

16721 Digital, Addressable Fire-Alarm System